Grupo Minicar  ENGINEERING is a multi functioning department within Activa Technology Ltd. The focus is mainly on automotive projects ranging from the build of concept cars to racing car restoration to enhancing the handling and performance of high performance road cars. With the strength and depth of specialist knowledge within the various ‘walls’ of Activa our engineering department is in a position to complete any security sensitive project under one roof.

Recently completed projects include two concept cars for Japanese car giant Toyota.

Taking a standard road car and transforming it into a potent high performance vehicle aimed at a specialist market.

Activa design and manufacture unique body kits in house while mechanically the brakes, suspension, wheels and tyres are updated to enhance the ride and handling characteristics of the car using all of the knowledge at Activa Technology Ltd.

In both cases shown on this page the Yamaha high performance REAS suspension system has been adopted and optimised on both the Altezza (Japan) and the Yaris and fitting of the Yamaha ‘Performance Chassis Damping System’ also seriously enhances handling of the ‘Super Yaris’.

The engine bay in the case of the Yaris required slight modification to install the 180-horse power 1.8 Litre Toyota Celica engine giving the mini sized car remarkable performance.

The interior of the vehicles can also be enhanced to the highest standards dependent on the customers’ specification. Recaro seats take care of driving position and comfort while the rear seat and trim are modified to match.

The result is a unique subtle vehicle with stunning appearance and very exciting performance finished to international motor show standard.