Activa Technology

Once the site of the World championship winning Brabham F1 Team and now owned by Yamaha, we retained many of the original staff and are therefore able to take on various projects within the motorsport and other industries.

Activa Technology is a world leader in the application of lightweight carbon fibre composites used in automotive and non-automotive environments. Activa’s advanced facility specialises in all aspects of composite design and manufacturing, from model and pattern making through to mould construction, prototype testing and production of the finished component.Aerodynamics is an integral part of many projects commissioned and with our own one third scale rolling road and wind tunnel facility, Activa is fully equipped to handle an entire project from concept to production.


Activa has a fully equipped drawing/design office including the very latest 3D CAD work stations and software, which enables us, to be flexible enough to handle specific areas of demanding engineering on behalf of a client’s individual needs.An engineering section with engineers and mechanics from the world of  F1 and other highly competitive racing disciplines, enable Activa to offer help with various automotive projects including the building of concept cars, vehicle modification and race car restoration – plus race and test day support. Activa Technology also operates a specialist suspension division, which as well as being heavily involved in the competition world, also works closely with a number of major manufacturers on the development of advanced suspension systems for road use. Security and client confidentiality are obviously of paramount importance within the racing industry.  This is something that we are very aware of and without question is applied to every project we undertake be it large or small, this is all part of our service.